DoubleStops from HELL🔥- Using your ear to transcribe intervalic movements “Shaun Martin”

Traveling with your BASS!

Triad Jumping! – (Different positions, same triad) (Circle if 4ths)

Bass String Height & Adjustment – Member Response

Implement Chords in your Slap Bass Playing

Why Don’t We have “5 String Lessons”??? – Here’s why

Live Song Transcribing & Analysis PT1

Out of the Box Thinking | Feat. Melodic Minor

Bass Psychology – Practice Goals

Funky Gospel? Funk Gospel Song ~The genre of many~ Feat. Joel Smith

Fretboard Accuracy and Visualization *Please Watch

5 Tips For Beginners (Breaking Habits)

Alternating Pentatonics! Right & Left Hand Exercise

String Skipping Ex. “River People” ~ Weather Report Jaco Bass line

Pentatonic Placement – Matching the Chord with the Scale

“Donna Lee” inspired Exercise for Chromaticism


Ghost Note tips for a starting out

Bassline Workout ~ How to spell out each chord (6415)

What’s your RETENTION level?(Open-note Groove)

Think Like a DRUMMER 🥁 – Slap Bass Tips

Quick Lick Lesson: Daric’s Bebop Style Lick

4th Position Scale ~ Shifting tips (in 3rds)

How to Change your Strings! (Start to finish)

Groove Example (Speed Series pt 9 Continuation)

Pivot Points! Visualizing Your Fretboard

Double Picking “Raking” Exercise

Speed Series Pt 8 ~ Dexterity Wholesteps Exercise

Speed Series Part 7 ~ Endurance Exercise (Ionian&Lydian)

Speed Series pt 6 ~ SCALE SPEED!

Pentatonic Right Hand Focused Exercise for Efficiency

Speed Series pt4 – Arpeggio Stretching (dexterty focused)

Speed Series pt3 – Fretting Hand Chromaticism

Speed Series pt2 – Right Hand Pattern for Efficiency

Speed Series – Right Hand Single Note Exercise

Bass Nation – How to Learn Online!

How I gain motivation – Block Chord Concept Influence walkthrough

Skipping String Exercise – 6th Intervals

Chord Analysis – Minor 6 chord (Melodic Minor Modes) “Blackbird Reference”

What is the Altered Scale???

Extended Scale Exercise Challenge!

The Real Secret to SPEED – Bass Nation Podcast

ALL of my Effects Pedals!!!

Inverted Funk Chords pt2 (Jonathan Butler Style)

Inverted Funk Chords- Alternative Chording

How to Strengthen your 4th finger (pinky) (exercise included)

How to use “Relative Scales” for Soloing – Relative Major & Minor concepts

The 3 Note Rule – Walking Bass line Tips

Improvisation Ideas – What to Play??

Jumping 4ths Exercise – Intermediate/Advanced

How To Analyze and READ Chord Charts

What’s your relationship with your bass??? Bass Nation Podcast

Arpeggiated Triad Inversion Exercise

Bass Line Creation & Experimentation (Live clips included)

What Are “Slash Chords”?

The Importance of Physical and Mental Health as a Bass Player

How to Create Licks using Relative Major/Minor Concept

Do you have what it takes to be an M.D??? (Music Director)

3 Tips That Help Create Better Bass Lines

Thought Process – Live Playing | Gospel Style

How to Acquire Gigs & Create Opportunities in 2022~ Frank Brunot

How to Solo Over Funk Music (Ideas & Tips)

How to play BIG Chords or Modify them ( 9 Chords)

Melodic Minor Practice Ideas

Bass Line Song Construction | Elements to Implement & What to Play

Percussive Technique to Add to Your Grooves


Intro (what you need to know) | Fretboard Accelerator Course

How Long is your Bass?? Scale Lengths PT2 | Fretboard Accelerator Course

FRETS PT3 | Fretboard Accelerator Course

Fret Markers PT4 | Fretboard Accelerator Course

The 12 Note RULE PT5| Fretboard Accelerator Course

Octaves are your FRIEND! Pt6 | Fretboard Accelerator Course

Conclusion PT7 | Fretboard Accelerator Course

“Them Changes” by Thundercat Chord Breakdown

Improvisation Strategy | Creating Grooves using theoretical knowledge

Technical Development | Correct your bad habits | Beginners

Visualizing & Understanding the Modes

Fix Your “Plucking” Technique | Plucking vs Pulling

How & Where to use the Diminished Scale

Gospel Bass lick (Sharay Reed)

Record Your Bass From an Ipad!

1 min Lesson OCTAVES

Beast MODES Exercise (Helps w/fretboard navigation)

Blues Scale Bass Groove Breakdown (advanced)

Classical Bass Exercise | Bach Inspired

Tracking Your Progress | Tips to help along the way

Chord Changes | Why You Need to know Modes

Improv Ideas | Over Funk Grooves

Melodic Minor Lick “Oteil Burbridge Style”

16th Note Triplet Slap Bass Pattern

Bass EQ Course pt1 Analyzing Frequencies

The Process Of Learning Songs w/ Jacob Smith | Bass Nation Podcast

2 Exercises to Prevent Wrist Pain | Physical Therapy

LIVE Adjusting EQ to Different Genres | Bass Tones

3rd & 4th Finger Isolation Exercise w/Jacob Smith

3 Tips to Learn Songs Quicker

Run for Cover – Marcus Miller Slap Groove

5 Pentatonic Shapes

Fretboard Navigation – Never lose your place when playing a lick

The Minor 11 Chord in 3 Voicings

Major 7 Chord Inversions

Classical Warm Up with Alan “Snoop” Evans

Major and Minor 6 Chord Rule

Paradiddle Slap Bass – Beginner Rhythm Techniques

Bass Note Substitution with Jacob Smith + Backing Track

The Burner – Right (plucking) Hand Exercise

How Jacob Smith gets his “Raspy Tone”!

Major Vs Minor 9 Chord

Next Level Improv – Dominant Chord Soloing

Pinky Strength Exercise!

4 Exercises for 5 String Bass

Learn Every Note on the Fretboard – Circle of Fifths

Minor Pentatonic Raking Exercise

Plucking and Muting Tips – Beginners

2 Octave Triad Shift Exercise

“I Gotcha” Breakdown – Active Listening Series

Identifying Major and Minor Keys

The Upstroke Pattern – Double Thumb Tips

Funk Slap Lick Breakdown

Using Octaves – Plucking Hand Exercise

Beginner Funk Slap – Fight the Power

Live Bassline Breakdown

Double Thumb with Ghost Notes

5 String Bass Exercises for Beginners

Groove Elements & Ideas | Filling up the bass line

Best Bass Guitar Stands

Classical Thump Breakdown w/ Notation

4 Steps to Kickstart Your Solos

Briggs Blues Fest

Extreme Ghost Notes with Double Thumb

How and Where to Play Minor 7 Flat 5

Classical Thump – Doublethumb Technique Exercise

Classical Thump Doublethumb Technique Exercise

Improve Your Improv – The 2-5-1

Speed & Precision Exercise

The Need for SPEED Exercise

2-5-1 Progression and Improvisation

Minor 7 Flat 5 – Locrian Mode

Come On Come Over – Quick Lick

Bend it Like This

16th Note Exercise

Jaco “esque” Beastly Riff “Come on Come Over”

“The Process” Learning a Song

First Gig Experience w/Tips

Monster Gospel Licks

Ghost Note Exercise

How To Read Chord Symbols

How To Read Chord Symbols

Sick Groove Exercise

Rhythmic Values Crash Course – Beginners

Learn the Fretboard with 2 Exercises

Descending Mixolydian Groove

3 Slap Bass Tips

Beginner Workout – Triads Exercise in D Major

Transcribing Tips

How to Build Triads from a Major Scale

Master the Bass Modes

Master Bass Modes

Beginner Workout Triads Exercise

Beginner Workout Triads

G Major Pentatonic Modes Exercise

Never Lose Your Place On Bass!

3 Triad and Arpeggio Shapes

Transform Your Bass Lines

Relative Major Minor Lick Lesson

3 Most Common Chord Shapes

Add Vibrato To Your Playing

Chromatic Crisscross Exercise

Play Smarter AND Harder

Add This To Your Warm Up Routine

Playing What You Hear

Bass Vs. Treble Clef

Mode Finger Positions

SlapTips – Bass Hangout Answers

Basic Rhythms for Beginners

Arpeggiated Add 9 Exercise

Master Finger Independence – Beginners

Bass Line Alternatives – 9 Chord on the 4

Open 9 Chord with Groove

6 Levels of Slap

Melodic Minor “Modes” Breakdown

251 IDEAS – Solo & Modal Exploration

3 Levels of Playing Exercises

Where to Use the Melodic Minor Scale

Pentatonic Slap Exercise and Groove

Techniques to Prevent a Thin Metallic Sound

Improvisation & Slap Tips – Raul’s Response

Bass Nation TV Episode #4 – Robert “Bubby” Lewis

Harmonic Minor Positions

Bass Intonation Crash Course

Modes Breakdown Live

Play Pentatonics Faster – Video Q&A

Melodic Minor Maddness with Alan “Snoop” Evans

10th Interval Exercise with Jacob Smith

Fret Jumping Lesson – Part 2

Interview With “tiffsbass” Tiffany Lloyd

Understanding Bass Chord Tones

Alternating Triad Inversions

G Major 3rds Stretch Exercise

Fret Jumping Lesson

Fretted vs Open String Grooves Lesson

Insane Gospel Dexterity Exercise

Improvising Concepts – How To Solo Over Funk

Minor Key Improvisation

Transcribing Sharay Reed’s Gospel Bass

Mystery of Gospel Bass with Justin Raines

Mastering the Double Thumb Technique

Two String Major Motif Shifting Exercise w/ Jacob Smith

Applying Pentatonic Inversions w/ Groove!

Pop Song Bass Lick Challenge

Open String Groove

4 Elements to Enhance Your Groove “The Payback” breakdown – James Brown

6 Different Exercises to help with RH & LH Technique w/ Jacob Smith

Melodic Minor Soloing

Jacob Smith Interview

Secret Trick To Learning Gospel Lines

Minor 9 Chord Exploration

Alan “Snoop” Evans – Floating Thumb Technique

Hanon Style Exercise

Crazy Bass Lick – Justin Raines Style

Throwback Groove Breakdown – Licks

Justin Raines Lesson – Funky Thumping

Harmonic Minor Exploration – Minor 2-5-1

Playing Scales in 4ths

3 Practice Elements for Scales

Frank Brunot Interview – The Process

Beginner Blues Part 3 – Walking

Beginner Blues Part 2 – Triads

Beginner Blues Scale Lesson – Part 1

4 Ways to Maximize Practice

Transcribing Iconic Bass Lines – “Do I Do”

Major Pentatonic Scale Exercise

Bebop Style Bass Lick from “Soul”

Chromatic Dexterity Exercise

Jamming for Beginners Part 2

Jamming for Beginners Part 1

Ultimate Practice Tool

Odd Time Exercise For Dexterity

Learning Your Fretboard for Beginners

Bass Line Creativity – Sir Duke

Gospel Fill Lesson

Creating Exercises Using Chords

Classical Thump Breakdown Exercise

What’s My Practice Routine?

Ear Training Tips For Beginners

3 Tips To Get That “Jaco” Sound!

Slap Like Snoop

Harmonic Minor Arpeggios

Maximize Your Practice Sessions

Harmonic Minor Triads

Harmonic Minor Exercise

Introduction to the Harmonic Minor Scale

Simple Exercise For Dexterity

G Major Double Stop Exercise

More Fretting Hand Control

Create Your Own Riffs For Beginners

Understanding Chord Symbols

Triplet Exercise in 4ths

Increase Your Fretboard Reach (Mixolydian)


Quick Lick – Gospel Triplet

Walking Bass Line Basics

Quick Lick – Diminished Lesson

2 Octave 5 String Major Scale Lesson

Frank Brunot Bass Tips | Funky Slap Groove Techniques

Half Vs Fully Diminished

Practice Routine Over C Major Chord

Fretboard Navigation Tips For Beginners

Fix Weak Fingers Exercise

Justin Raines w/ Daric Bass Lesson (concepts)

Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 7 – Ear Training Pt2 (Intervals Continued)

Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 6 – Ear Training (Intervals)

Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 5 – Intervals Introduction

Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 4 – 7th Chords/Arpeggios

Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 3 – Triad Chord Tones

Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 2 – Number System/Triads

Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 1 – Scale Formation

C# Minor Pentatonic Groove W/Chords

Odd Time Signature Exercise

Simple & Effective Major Scale Exercise

Funk Challenge Breakdown Part 3

Funk Challenge Breakdown Part 2

Melodic Minor Triads

Melodic Minor Scale Explanation

How to Memorize Bass Lines

Kanye West Breakdown Lick Part 2

Kanye West Breakdown Lick Part 1

5 Exercises to JUMP START your Slap Technique

Arpeggiated Triad Exercise

3 Positions of Each Triad Lesson

The Upstroke ~ Double Thumb Slap Technique

Applying Triads – Part 2

Applying Triads – Part 1

251 Solo Ideas

Stevie Wonder – “Do I Do” Lesson

Focus Group 2

Increase Your Bass Vocabulary

Play Portrait of Tracy with 1 Chord!

CRAZY Gospel Double Thumb “Snoop” Lick

Hammer Ons & Pull Offs

Chromatic Criss Cross Exercise

16th Note Exercise Breakdown

How to Play Triads

Building Bass Lines with Chromaticism

How to Use Pentatonic Inversions

Quick Gospel Lick – F Minor Triad

Applying Theory To Grooves – Bass Soloing Tips

How to Play 251 Chord Progression Inversions

Think Outside of the Box While Grooving

Right & Left Hand Exercise for Stamina & Dexterity

How to Play Relative Major and Minor

1 Arpeggio in 3 Positions (Minor 7)

How to get rid of the DREADED “String Ring”

Optimize Practice w/ Exercise Variations

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 15 – Intro To Arpeggios

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 14 – Intro To Triads

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 13 – Wholetones & Semitones

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 12 – Dampening Techniques

Quick Lick – Latin Style Groove

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 11 – Learn scales in different positions

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 10 – Chromatic dexterity exercise

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 9 – Timing & rhythm development

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 8 – Essential bass gear

Great Bass

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 7 – Learn the notes and C major scale

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 6 – Tuning methods

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 5 – Dampen strings

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 4 – Fretting hand position and technique

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 3 – Plucking hand position and technique

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 2 – Bass anatomy

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 1 – How to choose a bass

Develop Deeper Groove With Octaves!

CHORDS COURSE – Part 9 – Never Sacrifice the Melody

CHORDS COURSE – Part 8 – Four Triads You Need to Know

How to Apply What You Practice in Your Grooves!

Understanding the Minor Key

Be Your Own Drummer – BeatBuddy (Drum Machine) Pedal Demo

CHORDS COURSE – Part 7 – Major and Minor 9ths

Good Technique vs Comfortability

Take Control of Your Tone

CHORDS COURSE – Part 6 – Major and Minor 6ths

Mixolydian Concept & Exercise – Jaco Style!

How To Get Rid of Fret Buzz

Creating Your Own Exercises – Master The Fretboard

Step Up Your Bass Fill Game!!

Quick Trick To Learning The Fretboard

CHORDS COURSE – Part 5 – Time to Get Funky

“Connect the Dots” Fretting Hand Exercise

Beginners Guide to Bass Guitar

CHORDS COURSE – Part 4 – Major and Minor 7ths

Crazy Lick and Groove Lesson in D Minor

DOUBLESTOPS!! & Bonus Exercise

CHORDS COURSE – Part 3 – Inversions Continued

CHORDS COURSE – Part 2 – Inversions

“Here Comes the King” Livestream Breakdown

CHORDS COURSE – Part 1 – How to play chords

SLAP COURSE – Part 2 – Slapping and picking transition


How to Practice with a Metronome

Quick Lick Breakdown – Blues Lick

What is the Number System?

4 Most Important Chord Shapes

Livestream “Transcribing Super Fast Piano Lick” 2/2/2018

5 Tips for Beginner Bass Guitar Players

Walking Bass Line for Beginners – Over a 2-5-1 Progression

Funk Challenge #5

Bass Guitar Fretting Hand Technique ~ Nail The Note Every Time!

Bass Technique Custom Feedback ~ Video Q&A Sample

BEGINNER MODES COURSE – Ionian Mode – “The 1” – Major

BEGINNER MODES COURSE – Dorian Mode – “The 2” – Minor

BEGINNER MODES COURSE – Phrygian Mode – “The 3” – Minor

BEGINNER MODES COURSE – Lydian Mode – “The 4” – Major

BEGINNER MODES COURSE – Mixolydian Mode – “The 5” – Dominant

BEGINNER MODES COURSE – Aeolian Mode – “The 6” – Natural Minor

BEGINNER MODES COURSE – Locrian Mode – “The 7” – Minor Tonality with b5

Optimize Your Practice Routine With This Tool

Melodic Minor Scale

Minor 2-5-1 Progression

Useful String Skipping Exercise

How to increase your speed on the bass!

Quadruplets – Advanced Right Hand Technique

Alternative Chord Progression

Ear Training Part 2

Ear Training Part 1


How To Play A 2 Octave Minor Scale

What To Think While Soloing

Bass Guitar Grooving Techniques

The Major Pentatonic Scale + Positions

Diatonic Triads Exercise

What Does Diatonic Mean?

Fretting Hand Mistake & Correction Exercise

Funky Christmas NOTATED!!

How to Play the C Minor Scale

The Dominant/Mixolydian Scale (The Funky Scale)

Learn To Play Scales In Different Positions

How To Create Basslines With Triads

Using the New Video Player Tutorial

Ultimate Warm Up Exercise – Alternating Arpeggios

Ultimate Shifting Exercise Part 2 – Jumping Triads/Combining Exercises

How To Play Theoretical Funk

Enhance Your Chording On A 5 String Bass


The “Spider” Exercise

Funk Challenge #4


SLAP COURSE – Part 7 – Super fast slap bass technique (16th note triplets)

The Difference Between Major & Minor 3rds w/ Exercise

What is an Arpeggio?

SLAP COURSE – Part 6 – Hammer ons and pull offs

Wholetone/Semitone Concept: Part 2 – Minor Scale

Wholetone/Semitone Concept: Part 1 – Major Scale

The “Moonwalk” Exercise

Funk Challenge – Slap Groove Breakdown!

Modes Crash Course!!

How To Play The C Major Scale

The Importance of Tuning

Quick Lick – Dorian Lesson


SLAP COURSE – Part 5 – Hammer on technique


The Speed Demon! “Bubby Lewis” Exercise

SLAP COURSE – Part 4 – Double thumb slap technique

Quick Lick – E Major Pentatonic Lick

Bass Solo Tips over 2-5-1

SLAP COURSE – Part 3 – Crucial slap bass exercises

Learn the Blues Scale on Bass

Funk Challenge #3

SLAP COURSE – Part 1 – Introduction to slap bass

Play The 2-5-1 Progression Like A Pro

The Best Melodic Excercise Lesson

Funk Challenge #2

Mixolydian Continued: What was that lick?

Four or Five String Bass?

MODES COURSE – Part 8 – Understanding Aeolian

Mixolydian Groove Breakdown

MODES COURSE – Part 7 – Understanding Mixolydian

Live 3/3/17

“Don’t Be The 3 Finger Guy”

MODES COURSE – Part 6 – Understanding Lydian

Funk Challenge #1

Live 2/13/17

Funky A Minor Groove

MODES COURSE – Part 5 – Understanding Phrygian

MODES COURSE – Part 4 – Understanding Dorian

MODES COURSE – Part 3 – Understanding Ionian

Brain Teaser Exercise

MODES COURSE – Part 2 – The Last Three

MODES COURSE – Part 1 – The First Four

Shuffle Groove Breakdown Part 3

Shuffle Groove Breakdown Part 2

Shuffle Groove Breakdown Part 1

“Got a Match” by Chick Corea

“Sweet Love” by Anita Baker

“Smile” by Michael Jackson

“You Can’t Hold No Groove” by Victor Wooten

“Joyful Joy”

“Here Comes the King” by Quennel Gaskin

“Giant Steps” by John Coltrane

“Blackbird” by The Beatles

Rockin’ Bassline Groove Lesson

Live 12/16/16

Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” Bass Line Groove Lesson

Jaco Inspired Groove

Live 12/7/16

Minor 3rds & 6ths Exercise

Live 11/28/16

Shuffle Groove

Killer Triplet Exercise

Right Hand Technique & Groove

Minor Inversions Lesson

Live 11/3/2016 Session 1

Live 11/3/2016 Session 2

Diatonic Intervals Lesson

E Groove & Riff Breakdown

Live 10/26/2016

Live 10/25/2016

Live 10/21/2016

Whole Tone Scale Lesson

Major Inversions Lesson

Live 10/7/2016

Live 10/6/2016

Two Octave Major Scale

Major 3rds & 6ths Exercise

Extended Arpeggio Exercise

Minor Pentatonic Groove

Ascending Arpeggios Lesson

Fretboard Basics Lesson