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Bass Lesson Testimonials

See what our bass players are saying about being a member of Bass Nation and learning to play bass guitar through Daric's online lessons!

Daric is the man! Honestly one of the best bass players I've ever seen and heard. Learning to play bass guitar from him is an honor! Well worth the cheap membership fee that he charges for all the content you get. Especially since you can directly talk to him and ask questions. Keep it up Daric!

BassPlaya |


This is a no brainer! The first few seconds you hear Daric play you know you've have found what you were looking for in a teacher. You will want to learn everything he knows and promise yourself you will play like him someday! Not only does he teach you all the essentials you need but the vibe he creates in his videos just makes you want to come back for more!

jefftoch |


Bass Nation has me playing bass daily. I really have learned a ton from Daric and he has brought my playing to a whole new level! Learning from someone who's so passionate about playing his instrument and relaying what he knows to others is priceless. I've tried many different teachers and when you find the one that makes things click for you it really inspires you. I have definitely found that here and owe it all to Daric!

matteoc5 |


Love the site. Simple and easy to use. Daric is an awesome teacher. He obviously knows hit stuff and knows how to relay what he knows in a way I can understand. Look forward to more lessons and throwdowns!

DBassMan |


Being a part of Daric's Bass Nation is well worth it! The fact that Daric shares his infinite knowledge about learning to play bass guitar so cheap just shows that he enjoys teaching and is passionate about bass. I would pay double for what I've learned and most people do, if not more! I look forward to the new videos every week!

Slappa Bass |