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4 Exercises for 5 String Bass

#BASSNATION In this week’s lesson we’ll be going over a few exercises to get you in tune with your 5 string bass! Fortunately for us bass players, bass is geometrically consistent, meaning we can always use the same patterns all around the fretboard no matter how many strings we have! This is a huge advantage for us as we add strings beyond 4. If you’re a 5 string player, grab your bass and dive into this one with me. Let’s get LOW!

23 thoughts on “4 Exercises for 5 String Bass

      1. Daric!! Thank you so much for breaking this down! It’s perfect. That’s definitely the riff I was referring to.

        In the orginal video I think I had trouble picking out what notes specifically you were using so I appreciate you breaking it down. I’m excited to jam this out and I’ll send you a video in the next few days.

        Thanks again for real! Much appreciated.

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  1. Hi Daric ,long time no see….sorry I have been working hard and be practicing a lot…..now I bought my first 5 string because of the pressure of friends and I just have it for a few days and figure something out for myself…..but thanks to you and the academy there is help!This lesson is a real eyeopener. maybe you consider to do more lesson on this subject .I will practice my modes in the lower register as well.Thank you for your help!Cheers Nikolas

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  2. https://youtube.com/shorts/8MzFLvbNKoY?feature=share

    Hey Daric! Sorry it took a bit but I was finally able to record myself on video. It’s a little sloppy so sorry! I kind of changed the riff a tad every other time (you’ll see what I mean) but I def still play the main riff. I appreciate you breaking it down again. During the original video I just couldn’t figure out what notes you were playing so I appreciate the extra breakdown video. Thanks again!

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    1. Got IT!!! Sounds Great Man! Next time you go to play it try making sure you pluck each note on the ‘A’ string when playing that chromatic movement. Also try shifting your thumb on your right picking hand down a little towards the strings, that will help with your speed! Keep it up!!!! Love seeing you guys play

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  3. Hey Daric! Sorry it took awhile to make a follow-up video but I’ve been practicing that riff using your advice. I moved my right hand down more and I picked each note on the A string. I appreciate your insight and tips. I also added a little groove at the end of the video of that arpeggio you showed us in the video.
    I played the riff a little to quick perhaps but here it is:

    Also! I did not realize you were playing bass on Mark Lettieri’s Red Dwarf! That song is so tight and the baseline is sick!!!!

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  4. You’re the best man! For real. I really appreciate the feedback video! You gave me some valuable things to focus on as I practice from now on. And I appreciate the kind words as well.

    My left thumb does ride high on the fret board and that’s honestly just a bad habit I have been doing ever since I started playing guitar when I was ten. So I’ve been doing it for so long it will take a bit of time to correct. But you are so right though, I can be so much better/faster if I can bring that thumb down more behind the fretboard. It’s just going to take a minute but I’ll start implementing that from now on.

    I’ll also have a click track going as well from now on. I have this keyboard that plays drum beats and I try to jam to that sometimes. But I’ll make sure I’m always playing to a click.

    And great advice about my right hand on the strings and not stretching. To be honest I’ve always played bass and guitar with a pick. And only recently in the past couple years have I played bass with just my fingers. So I def developed some not so great habits.

    So thank you for calling them out and I will def correct them and post a follow up video in the next week or so!

    Ps-that baritone sessions album is def dope! And I checked out the Gospelchops album you’re on. You’re so talented man for real!

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