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Alan “Snoop” Evans – Floating Thumb Technique

#BASSNATION In this week’s lesson I’ll be digging in on some right and left hand techniques with Alan “Snoop” Evans. We’ll be chatting on some diminished fourth exercises for your fretting hand and as the lesson is titled, the “Floating Thumb Technique” for your plucking hand!

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6 thoughts on “Alan “Snoop” Evans – Floating Thumb Technique

  1. Awesome lesson ! Both of you are a great source of inspiration !

    I think my thumb is floating, but it rests on the string directly above the plucked one. It’s some kind of an hybrid technique… I mute the strings with the thumb and, for me, it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to mute them with the ring finger and the pinky.

    I have a theory which is worth what it is worth…
    I’m a left-handed, initially forcing myself to play right-handed. Thus, my right hand is weak and quite rigid. I can’t do the usual wrist curvature and the effort to let the ring finger and the pinky on the strings to mute them. In my opinion, those movements request high precision.
    On the other hand, with the floating thumb, there’s only a slight movement of the forearm which seems involved…

    Does anyone experience the same ?

    Here’s a quick example on a so cool lick of Snoop. It’s played poorly, but you should be able to check and correct my plucking hand…

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  2. Excellent Lesson and like the Diminished
    Arperggio , one thing i haver found to strengthen
    little pinky is playing on high action bass for while and then go to your normal bass you will be amazed at the difference , you can’t go fast but makes play clean , stay safe

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