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Bebop Style Bass Lick from “Soul”

#BASSNATION learn this chromatic bass lick I improvised over the song “Soul with a Capital S” by Tower of Power! The lick comes in on one e of the beat, get your brain and fingers ready to dive in with me!

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4 thoughts on “Bebop Style Bass Lick from “Soul”

    1. Absolutely, I have here in the past but I’ll make another explanation video. The scale used in this lesson is called a bebop dominant scale. It’s an 8 note scale. A mixolydian scale with a natural 7 added. But I’ll explain more in a few.

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    1. Hey Curtis, great question! The scale is determined, mainly around what chords are being played in the song. If you listen closely, the guitar player is playing a dominant chord throughout that chorus. The dominant cord is directly associated with the mixolydian scale. In the beginning, when I was unsure of the key of a song I would go through all of the modes to see which one sounded and fit the best but it’s important to train your ear to hear these chords and to hear the sound of the scales. But that definitely takes time. I’ll do a more in depth explanation on how to find the key of songs. Thanks for the question!

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