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“Them Changes” by Thundercat Chord Breakdown

Here are the changes of this infamous song by the one and only Thundercat. Super cool song to play, especially on a 5 String….but I’ll break it down on a 4 string for you as well! Check out the chords to this song and try them out for yourself.

11 thoughts on ““Them Changes” by Thundercat Chord Breakdown

  1. Hi Daric! Very cool video. I also think you came quite close with the tone. I have a question and I didn’t know where else to post it – please delete if its in the wrong place. I’m struggling with a fill in another Thundercat song called heartbreaks + setbacks. There is part that has a fill of G(octave) – E – D, located in between Gs (you can hear it where the lyrics go “love, love, love, love”. I play the Gs with my middle finger, the G octave with my pinky, E with the index and the D with my pinky again. I’ve been practicing the fill for some time now, but whenever I get any faster the D does not come out clean 90% of the time. Any tips for exercises etc to make that pinky faster/stronger/more precise? Looking forward to your reponse! BR Lenny

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    1. Hey Lenny, thanks so much for your comment you are definitely in the right place. My apologies for my late reply. It would be great if you can link the song in this thread just so it’s easier for me to find. Hopefully it has a YouTube link if not then can you just provide me with the timestamp. It will make it much easier for me to find it much faster for me to provide you with a reply. Or even better yet a short video of you playing and demonstrating what you’re trying to execute. That would help me even more! Look forward to hearing from you!

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      1. Hi again
        Thanks so much for your reply. Here is the link to the youtube video at the right time (0:21): https://youtu.be/ngyk7CJbJyw?t=21
        As mentioned I believe the notes played are G-G (E string, middle finger), G-E (D string, pinky, index), D (A string, pinky) and back to the G-G (E string, middle finger). I’m struggling with the quick D note with the pinky on the A string.
        I hope this works for you. I’ll try to use better documentation (pictures etc.) in the future.
        I tried out the pinky exercise you linked and felt it had some effect already. Will definitly keep using it. Thanks! Have a great evening!

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