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Quick Lick – Dorian Lesson

#BASSNATION check out this Dorian Quick Lick Lesson! Many of my followers are constantly asking for quick lick Lessons, so I try to fit them into the weekly lesson rotation as much as possible! This lesson covers a lick in a video I posted a while ago that I got a ton of questions about. Let’s jump right into it and figure this thing out. Grab your bass and let’s dig in!

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16 thoughts on “Quick Lick – Dorian Lesson

    • Daric Bennett
      Daric Bennett

      Hey, definitely understand that. The feel, groove and the rhythm is the toughest concept to get. But I’ll actually be doing a full tutorial on this groove just for you guys. Making sure you can execute the rhythms of this groove effectively!

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    Hi, Daric, Technical question. I need to keep touching my iPad screen every two minutes or so during your lesson video in order to avoid the screen to go darker. Is there any way not this to happen? I want to fully focus on my play. Your advise would be greatly appreciated! Keep groovin’! Ryuji

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