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Focus Group 2

#BASSNATION this is your chance to ask me ANYTHING YOU WANT ABOUT BASS!

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4 thoughts on “Focus Group 2

  1. Although I’ve a member for a while now, I missed the first focus group session so forgive me if I’m asking a redundant question. You have such a great sound, a great blend of funky and smooth, and able to switch to thumbing and fingering styles yet keeping that great sound no matter what type of bass you play. I just never developed a consistent pleasing sound though I’ve been playing for years and using different amps and basses. Even going through a sound system with a sound man, I never could develop a consistent pleasing sound. Do you set your strings with lower action on your basses to get that punch in your sound, is it a setting or maybe my technique needs to be developed further to achieve that sound consistently. I would appreciate any info/advice you could give. Thank you for reaching out to and helping us struggling bass musicians.

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  2. Daric, what’s up man!! I think I need to get faster and better with the Gospel sound. It helps me so much when you take licks or patterns (like Snoop’s lick, or the Dorian lick you just posted) and break them down. I get most of my “creativity” from understanding the nuts and bolts behind those. If you can do more of that with the Gospel sound, especially the classics like Fred Hammond’s stuff, man that would be awesome.

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