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Major and Minor 6 Chord Rule

#BASSNATION First off, I hope everyone is surviving the holiday season!! In this week’s lesson I’ll be diving into chord tones with you to make sure you are familiar with how to change a major to minor chord whether you are playing the 6th chord, adding a 9 or 11, and more. Grab your bass and dig in with me as we cover all of these chord changes and variations, make sure you are following along and what I’m saying makes sense to you! If you have any questions about this lesson be sure to leave a comment or hit me up on the site!

2 thoughts on “Major and Minor 6 Chord Rule

  1. Hi Daric, I’m new to your lessons. Toward the end of this video you said that playing the minor 6th of the scale is not a correct minor 6 chord. Is this the same concept as the theory behind the melodic minor in which you play one note ascending and another note descending due to its tonality? In other words is this done because its sounds better or is there another theory behind not actually using the minor 6th? FYI I’m and older player and I’m very proud of what you are doing! Congrats!

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  2. Great observation Big Walt! In fewer words…that’s technically correct but it also has to do with a theoretical rule. Just because 1 chord ahas a minor 6th Interval between the root and the 6th doesn’t necessarily make the chord minor. For instance in the demonstration that I played….the a (root to min6) interval then (root to minor 3rd) but that actually creates an inversion of a Major chord! Crazy right lol. I can actually demo this better than I can explain. But hopefully this made a little since. But great question!

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