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Master Finger Independence – Beginners

#BASSNATION Happy New Year to all!! First off, thanks for your dedication to me and to playing your instrument! I’m kicking off the first week of this year with a beginner level lesson that can be used at ANY level to not only strengthen and maintain your dexterity but also a great exercise to work on hand muscle and speed. I encourage you all to take a step back (or forward!) at the beginning of 2021 to this great exercise that will really increase your hand strength and your overall playing.

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15 thoughts on “Master Finger Independence – Beginners

  1. Hello daric, I am a drummer from China. Now I am trying to learn how to play bass. The first time I met you was on youtube. The knowledge you shared is very attractive to me. However, there is an automatic subtitle generation function on YouTube. Yes, and it can be automatically translated into Chinese. After becoming your member, there is no subtitle function here, which makes my study difficult. Can you add subtitle function? I will also work hard to learn English, the above are also google translations^_^

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  2. What would be a reasonable expectation as to how long it’s gonna take to get decent at finger independence? I’m 62 and have only been playing a few months. My bass instructor tells me repeatedly that if I can’t spread my fingers and have them move independently then I’ll never be a bass player. I’d really like to be a bass player. 🙁

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      1. I don’t even know how to thank you for this video. The fact that you took the time to do this is mind boggling.

        I am on day 3 of my finger exercises and already I’ve noticed a difference. I know that I need to just keep practicing every day and eventually it’ll come together. It might not be as quickly as my teacher would like but what the hell does he know; he’s a guitar player who knows how to play the bass. Jerk.

        Thank you again, you completely made my day.

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