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Melodic Minor “Modes” Breakdown

#BASSNATION in this week’s lessson I’ll be going over the Melodic Minor Scale with you. In this particular lesson I’ll be playing the melodic minor scale over an F minor 6 chord. This is a pretty technical lesson going over several scales, scale degrees and modes. If you need a little review of your scales and modes prior to this lesson be sure to go back over the modes course!

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15 thoughts on “Melodic Minor “Modes” Breakdown

  1. Hi. I’ve watched this a couple of times. Harmony and particularly jazz harmony are my weakest points as a musician. We will just put that on the table right now!

    I was going to ask you: what makes it an ‘altered’ chord. I watched a couple of short videos elsewhere, just now. I am clear on the fact that for this to work you have to make up the chord to include 1, 3, b7.

    Is the ‘altered’ part in the scale the b5; b9; b11; #5; #9; #11?

    Thank you 🙂

    Also, yes to the 10 minute members’ chat that you suggest in this video, although it seems you are quite busy now as things open up again, so perhaps you’re not planning to do that now (haha – I post so much, I’m most likely way down the queue!!).

    Thanks Sir.

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    1. Firstly, you do NOT post too much! Lol.
      Secondly, you are correcting on the definition of the “altered” meaning. Also the chord needs to ínclude the 5 as well. Just a little more difficult for us bassists to incorporate all on the fretboard at the same time.
      Thirdly, I still plan on doing some pop up consultations, just planning logistics of it 😎

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