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Modes Crash Course!!

#BASSNATION this is the 1 -2 punch, crash course into the modes! I have a full series inside the site going over each mode specifically including grooves with each…but this is a more simple breakdown of what the modes actually are. For full access and breakdowns of each mode individually start your free trial and really dig in with me! Enjoy this crash course and I hope it clears at least a few things up for you! Groove ON!

8 thoughts on “Modes Crash Course!!

  1. Bro. Bennett,THANK YOU!!! You make everything less frightening, more fun and easier to grasp.Structurally, are the lesson levels in a particular format for someone who has to crawl before running? Love your style and the way you teach bruh.P.S. I think the bass clef would be cool in place of the B in your last name. Thanks.Zacerous

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  2. Hey Daric, I am always fascinated with how sophisticated runs and choice of notes black gospel artists apply. What would you say are the most common things that make up their playing skills? would you say is a deeper understanding of applying the modes? or is there a huge jazz influence for most of their formative stages? I would like o understand how they build their styles. One such player is I know is Andrew Gauche , Maurice Fittzgerald and Fred Hammond.

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