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CHORDS COURSE – Part 9 – Never Sacrifice the Melody

#BASSNATION in this week’s lesson I’m digging back in on chord structure and chord building! This is a great lesson for building your ear training and working chords into the melody of any song in almost anyway you want, as long as you are keeping the melody in mind 😉

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5 thoughts on “CHORDS COURSE – Part 9 – Never Sacrifice the Melody

  1. Julien Parpet

    Really cool lesson Daric. Jaco said that learning melodies is a must for bass players, and what your lesson shows is that by understanding what chords can fit over the melody, you really get a fuller picture of the song.What I’m really intrigued by is some bass covers I’ve seen. People playing crazy jazzy chords over popular tunes. I’d love to know and understand how to approach that.

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