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Odd Time Exercise For Dexterity

#BASSNATION this week I’m bringing you an arpeggio/scale exercise in the key of A major (and minor!). It is in the 5/4 time signature so it will feel a little different. This exercise will really get your hand stretching and burning as you bring it up to speed, but REMEMBER….always take all of these exercises at your own pace. I say it over and over again but speed is secondary to playing your notes clean, clear, and precise!

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6 thoughts on “Odd Time Exercise For Dexterity

  1. Hello guys,
    I’m a new proud citizen of the Bass Nation. Daric, you’re doing an amazing work here and it’s always a pleasure to discover your lessons.
    As you’re gonna hear, I’m a beginner (been playing for around 6 months…) and this is the first video I ever dare to post…
    Well, enough excuses, I’m hungry for advice ! Here’s my try on this super cool exercise

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    1. Hey Man! Welcome to the Bass Nation! Awesome job on this! Just watch out for the position of your fretting hand. Seems to be a little too curves and can eventually cause some problems, other than a that great job! How long have you been playing ?

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