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Playing What You Hear

#BASSNATION In this week’s lesson we’ll be talking about playing back what you hear, whether this is from a song or something you have in your head. This is definitely something that takes time to develop for many people but there are specific practice techniques you can utilize to teach your brain, ears, and fingers to work in sync. Come along for me on this ride to see what I do to work on my ears and hopefully you can pick up some good strategies to develop your ears!

9 thoughts on “Playing What You Hear

  1. Hi Daric!Thank you for the great lesson!I practice my hearing every day a little with a app, but it is really hard to get my hearing to the fretboard
    but it is a lot of fun!
    by the way the song you mentioned from the pitch course ist called the wedding march from the composition: a midsummernight dream written by Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy.Here goes my classical training as a timpanist….I don’t want to show off, but you mentioning you wanted to know…..greetings from Germany

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