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Slap Like Snoop

#BASSNATION In this week’s lesson I’m bringing you a video with the renowned Alan “Snoop” Evans as he transcribes some piano exercises into slap bass! This is an intricate exercise and sure to challenge any and all players! This is a great concept in general for any bass player or other musicians….always make sure you are paying attention to and transcribing what other musicians are playing on other instruments, you don’t always just have to work to transcribe bass lines…or your instrument of choice!

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6 thoughts on “Slap Like Snoop

    • Andrew Neel

      Hey Daric, loved snoops idea of taking studies for other instruments and slapping em. So I did my own rendition of Bachs chello suite in GMajor. Obviously chello is basically bass lol but non the less thanks to you both for the inspiration! lmk what you think

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      • Daric Bennett
        Daric Bennett

        Wow man that was awesome, playing it in bass automatically gives it a different approach. Very interesting sound. Also learning these classical pieces in a major keys really stretches out mind as bassists. Keep it up man, love hearing from you!

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