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The Burner – Right (plucking) Hand Exercise

#BASSNATION In this week’s lesson I’ll be going over a right (plucking) hand exercise. I call this exercise “The Burner” because it will definitely light your hands on fire as you increase the speed of the groove on your metronome! I’ll play the exercise through at a “burner” level speed, then slow it down and split it up into a few parts so you can easily follow along and learn each section of the groove before you ramp up your speed! Grab your bass and let’s increase our plucking hand stamina together!

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  1. Hey Daric, in the past I’ve always thought about songs being in either a major or minor key. I thought keyboardist and guitar players were just putting their stank on the song using those b7 chords. So what is it that tells you that you are not in a major or minor key?

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    • Hey that’s a great question. One example is playing blues. As you may hear in a lot of blues based songs and also in the genre, all or most of the chords are dominant chords. So technically it is a major key because it contains a major 3rd but it also contains a flat 7th inside of that chord as well for the root/tonic. So if you’re listening to any music most times the tonic or the chord that the key of the song is in, will determine if it’s major minor or if it’s any other type of mode. Not to mention it also determines what scale can be used that coincides with the key of this song. Hope this makes sense, I’ll demonstrate this as well

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