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Visualizing & Understanding the Modes

Modes can be a difficult concept to understand but it’s actually the basis and foundation of our music. In this lesson we talk about the psychology of the modes and how it can help to visualize them to create other elements of music such as triads chords and arpeggios. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly through the site! Grab your bass and dig in!

5 thoughts on “Visualizing & Understanding the Modes

  1. Daric, this lesson on the psychology of visualizing and understanding modes really enhanced my understanding. This simplified approach enables me to have the foundation to understanding how to approach and play any type of music. The clean-clear-precise progressive notes that you play are an on steroid speed approach to playing any chord selected. from the modes. I have a lot of catching up on the speed approach. I am moving forward and making progress. To God be the Glory. I have made more progress on knowing how to play bass since being a member of Bass Nation in a few months than I have my entire life of playing bass. Still practicing the Melodic Minor modes to be certain they are clean-clear-and precise. Practice-Practice-Practice I must do.

    Thanks again,
    Bro John

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      1. Thanks for your reply, I have been utilizing the Alan Evans dexterity exercise to familiarize myself with the Melodic Minor Modes. I did not use the classical approach, but in my own way. Not much difference between the Harmonic/Natural minor scales; little fingering adjustment. I am not sure if I should work on transcribing music or work on the bass chord progressions for the modes. What exercises would you recommend? Thanks, Bro John

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          1. Daric, thanks for helping me to understand the contrast between the Diatonic and the Melodic Minor modes. I have been working on the triads for the Melodic Minor mode scales. I did not realize that, with the exception of the Aug b3 and the Alt b7 the triad tone qualities are the same to the Diatonic Modes. Now I understand the importance of knowing how to create the tone qualities and hear what is going on in the chord.

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