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Bass Psychology – Practice Goals

This is one of THEE MOST IMPORTANT elements to understand while on your bass learning journey. How do you excel when you don’t ever take the time to challenge yourself. Please don’t skip this lesson, it maybe the one missing piece to your practice routine.

9 thoughts on “Bass Psychology – Practice Goals

  1. Thanks for this Sir
    As you said is for everyone but it really applies to me.
    Because of being a late starter I was scared to tackle what I knew I should of being tackling and I would be a much better player now. My progress has be slow real slow but thanks to this video clip confirming what I already know I’m now going take the plunge. I think its not the journey or the progress that was putting me off, it was getting started the fear, but once you get over a few hurdles the accent starts to lessen and what took a long time to start you soon find you have covered more once started. Thank you for this encouragement. I’ve wasted time being scared but I won’t now. I won’t get that time back be wise with what time I have to lessen my progress. I’m not aiming to be the next Victor or Marcus just a good confident (Church) player, musician. God bless Sir

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  2. Hello Daric. Great tip on challenging yourself. Do you have any lessons
    on how to tackle the song Teen Town (any version because I know multiple people play it?) Just curious. I have no idea where to begin on that. Do you
    have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it.

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