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Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 1 – Scale Formation

#BASSNATION I’m super excited to release my new Beginners Theory Course!! In this part 1 I start from the beginning to go over scale formations with you. Check out this lesson and start your free trial today to get full unlimited access to all of the other lessons in this course!

6 thoughts on “Bass Theory for Beginners – Part 1 – Scale Formation

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    Hello Daric. First and foremost thanks for the great job you are doing by helping us out to improve our skills.
    I have been playing bass for some 5 years now. I have grooves, i can play and follow along beat and stuff. But i always find myself getting stuck in one position, i can’t move on the fretboard. If i try i get lost. Help me out, brother. What do i gotta do?

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    • Daric Bennett

      Thanks so much, glad I can help. My suggestion would be to learn your scales in every position across the fretboard so when you go to move away from what you know you won’t be lost. There are several lessons explaining this concept mainly the two octave major and minor scale tutorials that will help you tremendously with this concept. You can easily do a search in the members lessons page to find it

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    Question. Musically speaking is it always assumed that the numbers that a band me call out are based on the c major scale. I know when I was taught the Bays they only taught me to G Major scale sub someone said the number for I would be in a different spot dot-dot-dot so I guess I’m asking do musicians automatically use the number system based on a C major scale

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