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BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 1 – How to choose a bass

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 1 – How to choose a bass

16 thoughts on “BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 1 – How to choose a bass

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    been playing since college. i’m 70 now but no nothing about the instrument, especially the upper register. i want to start from the very beginning. i currently have a sound gear 5 string bass , a tc electronic bh800 head and a an ampeg(200watt 8ohm) cabinet with 4 10inch speakers along with a tc electronic with 2 10inch speakers. i want to start from the beginning and learn to play the right way. the only thing i have right now is the appearance of a bass player. what do i do nowjQuery112406323780727268109_1539140548424?????

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        part of my issue is I have this emotional connection to the first base that I was trained on it was a four string Peavey Dyna Bass that my former pastor owned. Had an active switch on it that made it louder when switched on. I see them used in wonder if I should pick up one right now I have a 5 string Rogue series 3 got it for real cheap thinking that logically you should have a 5 because why be limited by 4. But I remember how funky my pastor could play on the four and he would say just make the four sound like a fire by playing good…which he could. the only thing I don’t like about my 5 stringis the muddy sound of the lower frets. Is that common? and last question is I love this bass I’ve been looking at called a Schecter stiletto custom 5. But I don’t know if it’s active or passive nor do I know the difference I would naturally think who would pick passive over active but maybe you could share a little bit with me about what you think. Sorry the question is so long

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        • Daric Bennett

          Very valid question. Most people don’t know the difference between passive and active so don’t feel bad. I’ll make sure I do a completely separate video explaining the difference between the two. In a nutshell, active basses just boost the signal and you can have more control over the equalization. But I’ll explain more in depth inside of a video so you can hear the difference as well

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