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SLAP COURSE – Part 3 – Crucial slap bass exercises

#BASSNATION This bass lesson goes over a handful of exercises to really get you digging into developing your slapping and popping technique! I highly recommend working slap into any and all of your practicing if you are trying to learn and develop a good slap bass technique. Anything you can play on your bass guitar with your fingers or a pick you can also slap! Grab your bass and dig into this slap bass lesson covering some great slap exercises!

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10 thoughts on “SLAP COURSE – Part 3 – Crucial slap bass exercises

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    Hey man!! Awesome lessons. Just had one question regarding muting: I am learning on a 5 string bass and I’m having a hard time doing these exercises without a whole ton of overtones and ringing. I’ve boild it down to primarily my B string ringing, however, once in a while, the higher strings will ring as well. What type of muting technique can i practice to prevent excess ringing? I seem to be slapping the string on target so it’s not like I’m mis-hitting the note! Thanks!!

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    • Daric Bennett

      Great question! Slap bass course isn’t over and I’ll be covering muting not only with slap technique but also with picking technique. When slapping, most of the muting comes from your left hand. Try slapping one string slowly (quarter notes) then immediate muffling the string with your right hand. Don’t worry, this will be covered with full demonstration!

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    • Daric Bennett

      Great question. I mostly rely on the bass settings other than the amp settings. I try to keep my amp eq as flat as possible. The treble boosted a little as well as the mids and the pickup selection blended evenly between the two. I’ll cover this method more in depth to achieve that sound on almost any bass!!

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    Hello Daric! When it’s about practice routine, do you recommend several aspects of playing together, for instance, exercises, scales, chords, slap etc., or just focuse on one aspect at a time? For instance, I have 1 hour daily for practice since I heve not much time, and I plan to change the routine monthly. In my routine for this month I am doing arpeggios, one lick, one scale and a slap exercise. So what’s your advice for this type of practice routine.Thanks.

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