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SLAP COURSE – Part 4 – Double thumb slap technique

#BASSNATION Who’s ready for some double thumb slap bass technique tips?? This is one of those techniques bass players are constantly asking about, and it really does take a lot of experience to be able to perfect and teach double thumb slap bass. In this video, I’ll show you how to manage your down and up strokes in the technique to help you conquer this technique on bass. This is one you really need to take slow and make sure your plucking/strumming hand is very accurately hitting each string on your bass to get a clean and clear sound.

Grab your bass and get started with me on this double thumb slap bass lesson. For the rest of my slap bass lesson series and all of my other full lessons, start your free trial today by clicking any of the buttons on this page!

5 thoughts on “SLAP COURSE – Part 4 – Double thumb slap technique

    • DaricBennett

      Hey Kofi, good question. To get that upward thump to sound exactly like the downward is almost impossible. But it is possible to get them sounding close to each other. The main reason of why that happens is because on the downward thump you’re hitting the string with the fleshy part of your thump as opposed to the upward when you’re using the top nail bed of your thumb. So it’s not going to be exact. Now as far as the string height, I don’t believe it has anything to do with that. You should be able to achieve a decent upward thump regardless. It’s hard to tell though. Would love to see a clip of you tacking this technique so I can help further. You can either upload in the forums or better yet the “video qna tab” of the top of the page. Look forward to hearing you ✌🏾

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