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Fix Weak Fingers Exercise

#BASSNATION do you ever struggle with your 3rd and 4th finger strength on your fretting hand? If so this lesson and exercise is definitely for you! Not only will this greatly increase your dexterity but it’s a great exercise overall for fretboard navigation! MAKE SURE TO TAKE THIS AT YOUR OWN PACE!

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15 thoughts on “Fix Weak Fingers Exercise

  1. This is a great exercise, and I have a very weak fourth finger. Also there are nice melodic motifs here which can be incorporated directly into playing. I notice again the incredibly rich bass tones you are getting alongside the clarity of the top mids. I can see that the bass is really good, but what are you running it through to get that lovely warm deep tone which I can NEVER seem to get!! Is it the GK combo? If I could achieve a sound like that it would inspire me to play better I know that. Please let me know and thanks for your great lessons.

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    1. Thanks so much, I’m just running it through my preamp which is the GK plex but I also plug directly into my interface which also gives me a similar tone. But don’t let that stop you. I practiced for years with nothing to plug into at all! There’s a bunch of elements that requires a decent sound not only the amp or preamp. And I’ll give you guys the insider on all of those soon. Or at least what I use to create my tone. Glad this exercise is helpful to you. It’s one of my favorites

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      1. Yes sure, I know there’s no magic formula or short cuts, and I’m not looking for them. I pay a lot of attention to the way I touch or pull or hit the strings, keeping my fingers right next to the bridge to keep it tight. I think that my Mexico Jazz Bass probably doesn’t have the natural deep bass frequencies coming through anyway. Anyway thanks for your reply, always an inspiration.

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