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Frank Brunot Bass Tips | Funky Slap Groove Techniques

#BASSNATION this week I’m bringing you some intense slap techniques broken down by Frank Brunot! These licks are amazing and this is broken down so you can really dig in on some of his killer slap styles. The full lesson is almost 30 mins and we dig deep into technique and influences – this must watch lesson is live in the site now!

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8 thoughts on “Frank Brunot Bass Tips | Funky Slap Groove Techniques

  1. Avatar

    Hi Daric,
    What’s the benefit tuning the 5 strings bass in A? i mean more that having a low A. Is the tone changing a lot?
    By the way, i love Frank Brunot so much, awesome grooves and so much ideas (always musical). thanks for this video!

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    • Daric Bennett

      Thanks so much! Yes i agree, Frank is amazing. One of the reasons for tuning down was mainly derived in the Gospel genre world. Lots of songs that written in gospel music are either in a flat key/sharp key. So, It’s more pleasing to the ear to have an open string be a flat note or even lower to have the luxury of playing a note that’s lower octave than you would usually play. The main concern you should have went tuning down is the string tension because that can affect the overall playability of the bass wuch as a reduction in speed, Also with string noise or fret buzz

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    Thanks for the answer, i played gospel many years and there was a lot of songs in E flat indeed. I suppose we should put heavier gauges for tension issue.
    Here’s one of the tune i wrote / produced with my bandmates. kind of “let the praise begin” (F.Hammond) inspiration. Hope you’ll enjoy.

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