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Fretting Hand Mistake & Correction Exercise

#BASSNATION this week’s lesson covers proper finger positioning and an exercise to make sure you are practicing what I’m preaching 😉 Make sure to keep your fretting fingers close to the fretboard at all times to help with your speed and accuracy!

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8 thoughts on “Fretting Hand Mistake & Correction Exercise

    • Daric Bennett

      Take your time and try to focus on both if you can. It’s not always about hand strength but the way you execute the note. Try this same exercise only using your fourth finger on your fretting hand. That may help a bit to focus on. Sometimes you have to focus on the weaker points more than the strongest points. I too had this same problem when learning. Remember to take your time and take it slow.

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  1. Really enjoying this lesson. It gives a lot of confidence to gain better control my fingers. I’ll make sure to come back to this often to refresh my hand control. I think what also helps is not looking at my hand. I feels like my pinky doesn’t fly as much when im not looking all at it, But then again I can’t see it when I’m not lookin.. haha… but For real though another great lesson her DB!

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