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Gospel Fill Lesson

#BASSNATION In this week’s lesson I’ll be showing you a diminished gospel fill in Ab. It’s a quick lick and repeats itself up the fretboard. I’ll be showing you how to play this lick on both a 4 and 5 string so however many strings you play on you can dig into this gospel lick with me!

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19 thoughts on “Gospel Fill Lesson

  1. This was Awesome!!!
    Quick question:
    In most contemporary Christian music, I believe that most songs are built around the 1, 4 ,5 6 of a chord and different variations of that. Where would this sort of diminished lick fit in? I hope it my question makes sense. Thanks again.

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  2. Thank You for Sharing some of your Great licks with everyone
    I’ve been a member now for one year and have been able to use some of those lines.
    However, I many times feel a little short changed when you are give the lick but not giving the Chords you are putting the sweet run to.
    i believe i would get more out of you lessons if you where to share the chord sequence your’re laying down the riff to.
    in this way I can see Why you are doing what you are doing.
    i will continue to be a member in hopes lessons like this can illustrate the chord chart and not just the key.

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