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SLAP COURSE – Part 5 – Hammer on technique

#BASSNATION I’m coming at you this week with the next lesson in my slap bass series that covers the hammer on technique. This is used constantly by any bass player utilizing the slap technique and is a great way for you to play more notes with less effort. Perfecting the timing and building your speed are the real challenges here! Take it slow and feel free to leave me any comments or questions below! I’m here for each of you to answer any and all of your questions!

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17 thoughts on “SLAP COURSE – Part 5 – Hammer on technique

    1. Hey Taylor! I think what you’re referring to is the note that I play to keep time. It’s actually a bad habit that I have, at the same time it actually helps me rhythmically. If you notice whenever it happens it’s mostly on the downbeat of “4”. Just hovering over the fretboard with my left hand and thumping any string with my right.( mainly the “e” or the “a” string)

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          1. Yes! I was just noticing how cool it sounds when you do it around minute 9:15 in the lesson, I’ve noticed a lot of professionals doing that during live concerts and have always wanted to learn how to become more rhythmic with the muted slap/plucks. You said it was to keep timing, would you also use that to follow drum patterns during your playing to fill in space? And if so what could we practice to get to that level?

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  1. Hi Darric!! Love your playing and the lessons. Trying to incorporate the concepts into my own grooves. Trying to get smooth transitions between the thumping and the 3rds. Wondering if you have any comments on my transitions (positioning, etc.)? Maybe I just need to continue to build the muscle memory? All of the above? Thank you!!

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