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Interview With “tiffsbass” Tiffany Lloyd

#BASSNATION In this video I’ll be interviewing a great friend of Bass Nation, Tiffany Lloyd or as she’s known on social media, “tiffbass”! Come along with me as we learn about her start and upbringing in music, experience over the years, what inspires her to excel on the bass guitar, and what she’s up to today!! You can find her all over social media by searching for “tiffsbass” or head  to her website at

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8 thoughts on “Interview With “tiffsbass” Tiffany Lloyd

  1. Great interview. I’m glad that you discussed reading notation. Because I already read treble notation fluently, bass less so but I can read it, I honestly think playing from notation will help me learn the fret board quicker and will help me progress faster too. Everything up until now has been by ear so it will be nice to develop both skills.

    Where should I start? I read very very basic bass tab, but I mean basic!

    Any tips on where to start with this would be good.

    Thanks ✨.

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    1. Great Question Jenetta. There’s actually an entire course coming hopefully this fall if not then sooner than that. There are also several lessons and live streams where I’m discussing beginner reading. going to try to find links to them from here in the site! stay tuned

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