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SLAP COURSE – Part 6 – Hammer ons and pull offs

#BASSNATION – In this week’s lesson, I’ll be covering a Quick Lick from my Funk Challenge #3 bass groove. This lesson will really help you to develop a more precise hammer on and pull of technique, especially if you grab your bass and really dig into the technique with me! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below and let me know how your technique is progressing!

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5 thoughts on “SLAP COURSE – Part 6 – Hammer ons and pull offs

  1. Avatar

    I really enjoy the way you teach, but I would like to know your approach to fill idea’s. I also would like to know your take on seeing the whole fret board as one unit. I’ve been playing bass since I was ten years old and I’m 55 now, but I just don’t like being in the light so too speak. I’ve been playing for a local church near me for the last 4 years an there has been no change to me in the way I play, but everyone keeps on telling me man you sound good I just can’t see it HOW CAN I FIX MY SOUND

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    • Daric Bennett

      Thanks for the question! Like I always say, never too late to grow. So I appreciate you reaching out. I come across this situations a lot with different students. Here’s a few tips to think about. Break up the fretboard in sections as oppose to “one unit”. I know how overwhelming that can be. Learning your scales in different postions as well as being comfortable with connecting modes will definitely help in that area. And I’ll also be going more on depth with that along with creating fills inside of basslines. Thanks for the question again! ??

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  2. Neri1202

    Hi Daric! These slap courses have been great! I have a question though, when doing these pull offs, how curved should your left hand fingers be? Should the tips of your fingers be practically pointing at the string or should they be laying flat? I hope I was clear enough with the visual of the question. thank you in advance for any advice!

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