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SLAP COURSE – Part 7 – Super fast slap bass technique (16th note triplets)

#BASSNATION in this intermediate to advanced slap bass lesson I dig into a technique that will really help you show some flash in your bass playing! This will be one you will really need to dig in with me, slow down and play at your own pace. If you are just getting into slap bass it takes time to build the muscle memory to execute this lick with precision. So MAKE SURE to take it slow, at your own pace and build up tempo as you get more comfortable with it.

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5 thoughts on “SLAP COURSE – Part 7 – Super fast slap bass technique (16th note triplets)

    • Daric Bennett

      Hey thanks David! It definitely take some time to train my hands and I still struggle with it sometimes. And believe it or not sometimes it has to do with your EQ settings. Like whem the trouble is too high it might create some overtones. But the secret is in the picking handing when preventing over tones. I will do a short explanation/ demonstration of that soon. Good question

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