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Transcribing Sharay Reed’s Gospel Bass

#BASSNATION dive into Sharay Reed’s brain with me on his killer bass line and licks! This is one you won’t want to miss!

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13 thoughts on “Transcribing Sharay Reed’s Gospel Bass

  1. YES SIR! Thanks a lot Daric. (I trimmed down my username as I felt like it was just a mouthful so i’ll be rolling with DJ from now on haha.) This was great though man. I’m happy to see that the playing on this track gets you just as excited as it gets me, and oddly enough it’s encouraging to see that some of these lines are making you sweat because i’ve been rewinding and replaying even more than you had to! As you said it’s not even that the lines are super complex he’s just incredible with his time and placement. Also, a great resource for anyone who may have trouble hearing all the notes when transcribing is an app called “Amazing slow downer.” You can play music through apps that you use to stream and change the speed. It has been helping me a lot with this song as it’s easy to miss some of the notes he’s playing when listening in regular time. Lastly Daric about the song I was combing the internet trying to find out exactly what time the song is in and i kept seeing 3/4, and so i was feeling it in a really fast 3/4 but 6/8 makes sense! I’m around 1:30 into my transcription of the song, maybe when i finally have it all down i’ll drop a video. Anyways thanks again bro!

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        1. Also, side note, would love to see you do a course or series on playing synth bass and see your process on how you approach it and how you design your sounds. One person I had in mind (staying on the subject of synth bass) was Darrel Freeman.

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