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Triad Jumping! – (Different positions, same triad) (Circle if 4ths)

Often times we get stuck, playing the same phrase in the same positions. This can be a positive thing, but at the same time it can be a negative thing. While practicing the repetition of the movement, they’re going to be times where that same position doesn’t work in different keys, here’s a simple exercise to help you understand the different positions you can play the same phrase using triads

3 thoughts on “Triad Jumping! – (Different positions, same triad) (Circle if 4ths)

  1. Deric! I love all your tutorials. My question is is there a certain order I should follow with your vid’s ? I’m four years self taught with a very long way to go. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything or important steps on my learning journey!!
    Gary “G-ROB” Robinson

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    • Hey Gary! Awesome to have you man! We try to accommodate everyone when setting up Bass Nation Academy. Depending on your skill level is where you would need to begin your journey. Because it’s difficult for me to understand what your level is, you have to take some time to gauge your skill level of where you are at the moment. Most lessons are categorized by beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The best thing that I suggest for everyone to do is start from the beginning with our courses. You can find those in the tab near the top of the page I personally recommend starting with the beginners course even though you may not think you are, sometimes there are valuable things that you’ve missed in your early years of playing . Then I would slowly and gradually make my way through those courses and or lessons. After you have a good idea of where you are send me another message and we can schedule a private consultation to point you further in the direction you need to go.

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