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Jamming for Beginners Part 2

#BASSNATION in this lesson I’ll be extending part 1 of this Jamming for Beginners lesson, in this lesson I’ll be having you add fretting notes to the groove, not just open strings with the fingering techniques I showed you in Part 1.

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5 thoughts on “Jamming for Beginners Part 2

  1. Avatar

    So yes, these two lessons were excellent, really developmental and so glad you added the loop tracks 🙂 .

    More of the same, please 🙏🏽. Any genre is great as you’re helping me find my way around the fretboard, learn where the notes are (I already play a few instruments but this is my first shot at a string instrument), and develop a better technique on both hands.

    When I pluck up the courage I’ll post some videos to get more help on my left hand position… it’s a mess at the moment 🤣.

    Thank you 👌🏽.

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  2. Gonçalo Ribeiro

    Hello Daric!! Like you mentioned l’m in a combo in school playing walking bass lines and would be nice to train some rhythm variations of the walking, like you did when improvising.
    I feel l can get lost if l try to put some other stuff.
    I will keep following the videos.
    Thank you!

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  3. Avatar

    I absolutely love these two lessons. I almost forgot a minute felt like I was real bass player. Thank you for this. Keep adding the tracks for grooving purposes and also keep reaching and demonstrating the walking bass. I don’t quite understand how to improvise at ALL just yet. I am sure you can help in that area as well or at least explain that concept. Thanks D!!!

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